Meet the Garcias'

Dalwin + Milena + Noah + Luca

Our client Dalwin, a Real Estate Investor and a Co-Founder / Owner of Blue Anchor Properties. Married to his lovely wife, Milena, and have their two adorable sons, Noah and Luca.

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Why choose Rossy Guzman?

"Their knowledge and their expertise is top-notch. Rossy Guzman and The Selling

 Hudson group have been unbelievable to work with. And if you happen to end up working with them, you are going to be unbelievable hands."

"Like I mentioned before from that first deal to multiple deals after it has been extremely, extremely gratifying to know that we are in good hands when it comes to working with them, from their knowledge and their expertise from putting the property on the market at the right listing price, to be able to attract the right."

- Dalwin Garcia


Were there any challenges along the way?

"There have been many challenges as it is with any sale, but specifically I recall working with Dalwin he was super reluctant to staging one of the first homes we did together. 

It's understandable as many of our other clients that are investors, they question every decision they make about the money they invest and their overall expenses. 

They obviously want to make sure that money is spent right and that it will give them a return. So convincing him to do staging, which is more of an emotional element, not so much of a matter of facts detail, was really a lot of work! A lot of phone calls and "please trust me, we will see the benefit, etc. 

He did listen and with Milena's blessing we did it and the rest is history, they totally understood the decision when they went to the home which sold for multiple offers."

- Rossy Guzman

Ready To Sell Your Home?

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