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Home Staging on a Budget

Steven Salzer

I love my work.I find working in Real Estate to be amazingly rewarding, and my model for continuing that experience is to be a well informed expert in...

I love my work.I find working in Real Estate to be amazingly rewarding, and my model for continuing that experience is to be a well informed expert in...

Aug 16 3 minutes read

Home staging is crucial when showcasing the best qualities of your condo; in fact, on average, sellers receive $2 in increased sale price for every $1 they put into staging a home. Here are the 5 principles of home staging without breaking the bank.

Blouses, jackets and sweater on hangers in a store windowDe-personalize

Buyers must see their identity, not yours. As much as you love your family portraits, it acts as a distraction that prevents buyers from envisioning their future home.

Be sure to clear closets of clutter by storing in stacked boxes. Get rid of old and dingy hangers and add new ones to give a luxurious sharp vibe. 

A Duke University study found that the most effective staging principles are removing personal items, using rooms for intended purposes, and removing evidence of pets.


Purge all of those unwanted items or consider storing offsite to maximize open space. 

Incorporate a few decorative items on top of a dresser to give the room some character, or try a headboard behind the bed. Even consider centering the room around ONE focal point. Flowers are always a nice touch. 

Blue and white kitchen interior with open concept with island and large windows


The cheapest and easiest way to spruce your home is by cleaning it, top to bottom. Bathrooms and kitchens are essential rooms within the home and therefore can make or break a buyer’s perception of your listing. Putting a little hard work into clearing and clarifying your surfaces, floors and windows can go a long way. 

Only leave the room imperatives out on display during showings. Anything extra or frivolous should be tucked away. 

The interior of an office with old furniture.


Unless your home is one in which notable time period elements are an attractive quality, updating, to some extent, may be encouraged. If your home showcases fixtures and decor which are perceived to be outdated, buyers may incorporate this mindset when presenting an offer on your home. 

Simple swaps can include; small hardware alterations or change of cabinet stain/paint color. Remember to follow current style preferences! 

Living room in modern house with blue couch, white chair and flat-screen TV


While that bright green accent wall may have made you feel at home, it may turn off buyers from imagining themselves in your space. A home showing is driven by the buyers desire to envision their stuff colliding with the existing infrastructure, so keep it simple. 

Tone down any exaggerated accents or elements. Rule of thumb: use complimentary colors to your furnishings and/or gender neutral shades.

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