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Case Study - How Chris and Jenn found and bought their dream home when it was NOT for sale

Rossy Guzman

One of my specialties is working with "First time sellers"...

One of my specialties is working with "First time sellers"...

Feb 8 6 minutes read

Case study -

Chris and Jenn

Chris and Jenn are long time Hoboken residents who were sitting on cash from the sale of a property over a year ago. They couldn't find the right property and decided to rent.  After a couple of months, they call us back saying we are ready now. The search started; however, none of the listed properties met their desires.

To help them win in this process and find them their future home,  we created a strategy and started a mailer campaign called Chris and Jenn. We mailed out a personalized letter to specific owners in targeted buildings in downtown in which its apartments met their some search criteria.

Our letter was intended to bring awareness to homeowners in the area and see if they were interested in  a conversation to explore the possibility of an on or off market sale of their home.

Chris and Jen desired home is a two bed, two baths with parking, laundry and central air conditioning in downtown, with around 1000-1200sqft. If an elevator is not present then it would be a second or third floor unit, and some outdoor space (private or common) would be a nice bonus.

After some incoming calls throughout the month of September, we got in contact with a serious seller interested in an off market deal in October.  To make this happen, we had to make sure the seller was very clear about the process of an off market deal and be knowledgeable enough to feel capable to handle the whole process. We completed the right paperwork and brought Chris and Jenn to see the apartment. Let's Talk Mr. Seller! We can guide you on how to make this happen.

And as happy ending, the week before Thanksgiving, we all were celebrating the closing on their apartment at 70 Adams St in Hoboken. Let's Talk Mr. Buyer! If you are looking for an agent that has your best interest at heart, and is willing to work smarter to support you achieve your goals and make a happy homeowner, let's connect. 

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How The Selling Hudson Group can help you achieve your real estate goals?

Selling Hudson Group at Keller Williams  has one mission - to get you the maximum sales price possible with the most favorable terms available.   We achieve that because we align our clients' needs and desires with our marketing, negotiating, and selling know how expertise.

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What do we do to sell your home?  

First,  we shall perform an in depth seller interview to understand your home, goals, needs, and selling preferences.  Then, we shall analyze current market sales, trends, and the competitive selling environment to develop a list price that we agree upon.  

Also,  we will work diligently with our professional staging, photography, and cleaning vendors to do ALL of the up-front preparation work needed to ensure our success once we hit the market.

As your agent, we are looking to prepare the appropriate scenario that  will allow the creation of the perfect opportunity for buyers to become emotionally connected and attached to your property.

Our goal is for buyers to connect with their emotional purchase triggers – and to feel strongly about wanting your property to become their home.  We have a belief, and it is that the best way to get buyers is to properly price you home and to do the up front preparation to make it look and feel it’s best.  Moreover, we want to marry those two key elements with a high powered multi-pronged marketing blitz campaign tailored to each specific property and the buyer pool shopping that specific product type.

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What are some of the key marketing campaign tools at your disposal?

•       Hyper local social media ad campaigns.

•       Featured ad space on popular consumer sites - and syndication to over 100 plus Real Estate websites.

•       Featured ad space on the Keller Williams– Washington St  Hoboken store front  display window.

•       Listing in Hudson MLS, NJMLS, and GSMLS as indicated by market and product.

•      Broker and Public Open House Events.

•      Old fashioned telephone prospecting of buyers and agents – promoting your property specifically.  Including reverse prospecting designed to target agents - buyers looking for a property like yours.

•      Promotional email campaigns targeting buyers and agents – promoting your property specifically

In addition, you’ll receive our Communication Guarantee. 

Listing activity showings status updates and reports.  

Professional third-party contract negotiation.  

Plus we provide white glove contract to close follow up and consulting. 

We promise to not only act in your best interest, but we will keep you informed throughout the entire process from before day one through closing.

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What's my home value?

What's my home value?

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